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How to Market Your Business Online in 2021

As we head into the second round of COVID lockdowns, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of having a strong online presence. With in person meetings drastically slowing, as digital zoom meetings and internet usage has skyrocketed, the competition for consumer attention online is heating up.

Changes in the Market

In this atmosphere, the best performing businesses are finding strong ways to build their online storefront to make it as welcoming and effective as their physical storefront where people walk in the door. Entrepreneurs are searching for ways to build rapport and trust with online visitors the way they're used to with in person conversations with customers.

Stand Out Online

The most powerful way to do these things is with video. By creating video, business owners can now capture their demeanor and their passion for what they do, and encapsulate that into videos on their website and social media. This is massively effective for making your website reflect the essence of who you are, far beyond a written description of your offering. It allows you to create a digital clone of yourself, to build the rapport and trust with online visitors that you naturally build with people in person.

Why Video is the Solution

Video is the most powerful tool to capture your authentic personality as a business owner, and when you bring that to your online storefront, it immediately makes you stand out. People do business with those they know, like, and trust, and all three of these can be earned by creating authentic, valuable video content. By being authentic, you're bringing your personality, energy, and enthusiasm to your online presence. This is something that cannot be conveyed through text or pictures.

You could create educational content to explain your business, products, or services, to show people what you do. You could create inspirational content to talk about your mission and vision, FAQ videos to answer people’s common questions, or even testimonial or case study videos to show real world examples of people you’ve helped.

So this year, start leveraging the power of video in your business. Businesses who use video in 2021 will have a huge competitive advantage. Don’t feel pressured to overcomplicate it, just get started. And if you’re looking for strategic, tailored ways to produce professional video, and integrate it into your online presence, reach out to us. We’d love to provide a complimentary strategy session to help you find the most powerful ways to use video in your business.

Be at the forefront of this change, and I can promise it will serve your business well.


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